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It’s not about being the boss. It’s about being the leader.

In the iconic quote from Warren Bennis, he suggests “Managers do things right. Leaders do the right thing.” USESI’s hiring goal is to do just that – hire leaders.

The Accelerated Leadership Preparation System (ALPS) is a 24-month program designed from practices and principles observed by our trainees and professionals as well as best-in-class training programs across the electrical industry.

We have purged the term “manager training program” and replaced it with “Accelerated Leadership Preparation System”. There are many businesses competing for talented trainees and the majority offer the standard “management training program”. USESI strives to surpass the competition and develop trainees far beyond the manager plateau.


The Curriculum


    Recently a colleague outside USESI posed a question as to why is USESI a great place to work.

    USESI is a privately held by owners that have entrusted us to build the best electrical distributor of our type and have given us all the resources we need to do that. We have a lot of people working here that share that vision and are committed to that goal. We have essentially built the company from scratch starting in 2011 and we are improving at a rapid rate, looking more like a start-up than the large corporation we are.

    But we can’t become great just by building a company and hoping. There is much more to it. It starts with our core values, which are excellence, integrity, shared vision, and employee fulfillment. These are more than just some cleverly crafted words, logo, or motto but rather principles by which we run our business. We focus on these four cornerstones and monitor and measure them to assure that all at USESI are in alignment on these values.

    We are leaders in technology. We are completing the conversions of all our locations to a state-of-the-art ERP system. Our central distribution centers are paperless. We have highly automated inventory management and demand forecasting systems. We just completed the development of our new e-commerce platform that we use with several other tools to not just digitize interactions with our customers but also help them become better businesses. We are in the process of digitizing every aspect of the business and have a great team of people working on it.

    We are evolving the sales teams from the general line sales force with the addition of solutions managers charged to come up with innovative ways to help our customers achieve their goals. To this end, we have invested heavily in our revolutionary pre-fab shop in Stoughton, equipped with the Greenlee Auto-Bend.

    To support our quest for ultimate excellence, we have designed a compensation system that pays managers and branch employees a nice bonus if they do well and a super great bonus if they do super great. And to be sure, not all the great things we are doing are perfectly dialed in yet. Plenty of work left to do. But we are working hard and are not sitting still. Just wait.

    All of the above are important in helping USESI grow and in making USESI an exciting place to work.

    Randy Eddy


    Begin our journey where the action takes place-the point of sale counter. We pride ourselves on offering impeccable customer service—and we need the help of every employee to deliver. During this period of training you’ll staff the storefront counters to develop your sales and service skills and build electrical products knowledge.

    You’ll develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Safety & equipment operation
    •  On-line Eclipse ERP training-USESI’s distribution software
    •  On-line training on electrical theory and electrical products
    •  On-line training on required job skills
    •  Product knowledge
    •  Customer interface
    •  Sales ability
    •  Computer skills

    Our Central Distribution Hubs are a key component to servicing our customers. In addition to online study, you’ll have hands-on experience with the day-to-day operations in our warehouses.

    You’ll develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Safety and equipment operation
    •  Shipping/receiving
    •  Picking
    •  Freight claims
    •  Warehouse processes
    •  Product background
    •  Inventory control
    •  Returns
    •  Cycle counts

    Day in the Life at the Warehouse


    Relationship building is critical to our ability to understand and meet the needs of our clients—and to our company’s success. During this phase you’ll continue to sharpen your customer service skills and learn to bid and quote jobs.

    You’ll develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Phone sales techniques
    •  Develop job requirements
    •  Joint calls with outside salespeople
    •  Quotations
    •  Pricing

    Our branch sales locations strive for operational perfection. During this phase you’ll be introduced to the details of a branch audit. You will shadow the branch auditor and perform multiple audits. You’ll gain insight into the keys to running a successful branch location.


    Effective project management can make or break the success of a project. During this phase you’ll receive extensive, thorough hands-on field training. Learn by example as world-class project managers show you how they handle schedules, budgets, requirements, presentations, phone calls, meetings and events.

    You’ll develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Project management
    •  Power distribution
    •  Commercial lighting

    Buyers for the Central Distribution Center are key having the right mix of inventory to meet and exceed our customer’s needs. During this phase you will shadow seasoned buyers and develop a key understanding on how purchasing and inventory levels are determined.

    You’ll develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Purchasing metrics
    •  Inventory levels
    •  Supplier relations
    •  Sourcing stock / nonstock material
    •  Analyze suppliers based on price, quality, service, support, dependability, availability and best value

    Day in the Life of a Project Manager


    USESI can only operate like the well-oiled machine that it is because of the hard work of our back office staff: accountants, relations experts and operations leaders. During this phase you’ll see the behind-the-scenes work that ensures that the rest of our company can run smoothly and efficiently.

    You’ll meet with key individuals to develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Credit
    •  Marketing
    •  Human resources
    •  Accounts Payable
    •  Accounts Receivable
    •  Transportation Management
    •  CDC Management
    •  Pricing & Product File Management
    •  Shared Services Group (IT, Training, etc.)

    Live the life of an outside salesperson. Work with a VP of Sales to develop a sales territory and then work that territory. You’ll start out shadowing a USESI sales professional, then be challenged to develop customer and vendor relationships, generate sales, and service your customers.

    You’ll develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Time management
    •  Territory management
    •  Developing relationships with customers and vendors (starting with joint calls)
    •  Setting sales objectives
    •  Ethics and integrity
    •  Evaluating sales performance
    •  Communications and presentations
    •  Negotiations
    •  Customer service and support

    Day in the Life of Outside Sales


    Ever wonder what it would be like to run your own business? Experience what it’s like—minus the risk of a personal financial investment! During this phase you’ll be exposed to the many facets of operating a business from a managerial perspective.

    You’ll develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    •  Market strategy
    •  Market analysis
    •  Competitive strategy
    •  Ethics and integrity
    •  Customer service
    •  Understanding branch metrics and branch reports
    •  Stock replenishmentc
    •  Counter merchandizing

    Life at a Branch

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