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About U.S. Electrical Services Inc.



The electrical components industry is a $90 billion force in the US alone
(that’s nearly 10 times the US mobile market, just to give you some perspective).

It’s an industry that touches every single person, company and educational or government entity in hundreds of ways, every single day.

(Consider the computer or mobile device you’re using to read this, the climate-controlled room you’re likely sitting in and the cold beverage that’s probably just an arm’s reach away and you’ll see what we mean).


USESI is one of the country’s largest electrical components distributors. We’re made up of 11 companies—some of which have been around for more than a century—and have a reputation for being both a great company to work for and a great company to work with.

U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. is the country’s largest independent electrical wholesale distributor.

Our American owned company is comprised of 10 regional businesses selling products from over 1,000 manufacturers out of 125 brick and mortar locations. At any point, we’re carrying over $100M of inventory across 300,000 unique products specializing in lighting, wire & wiring devices, tools, power distribution, control automation, datacom and solar.

Our value added services include:

Logistics & Inventory Management
  • Local inventory with guaranteed stock levels
  • 180 trucks delivering out of 6 CDCs
  • Over 1M square feet of warehouse space
  • Will call at 125 locations
  • Custom pricing and financing available
  • 24/7 support
Business Services
  • Project management
  • Lighting, engineering & electrical experts available
  • Managed inventory
  • Kitting and prefabrication services
  • Vehicle, supply room & cart storage solutions and management
  • Renewable solutions
  • Online ordering - Orders entered by 8:30PM available for early morning delivery or pick up in a branch
  • Mobile app
  • Digital catalogs, punchout & commodity hotsheets
  • Order and invoice automation
  • Robust product information
  • 1500 employees with 1300 assigned inside and field level sales team
  • Locations in 14 states
The USESI family of companies maintains over 150,000 individual products in four distribution centers and 85 branches. We deliver products where and when our customers need them—from 2am to 6pm!—and pride ourselves on having the best project management teams in the industry.
We work hard to deliver the best of both worlds. Each of our branches benefits from centralized back-office functions and the support of our massive central distribution centers, but we leave customer service and support decisions to the people who are closest to the customers and understand them best: the local branch.
Many of our employees have been with us for decades—and so have our clients. The key to this longevity is diligence, communication and a focus on “we.” We offer our employees exceptional training, competitive salaries and the opportunity to grow and make a difference. We offer our customers reliable service, quality products from leading manufacturers and highly trained and service-motivated employees.
We combine the best subject matter experts in the industry with the latest technology and equipment to constantly push what is possible, always asking, "how can we make the most products available to the customer faster?".
Ongoing education, hands-on experience and a “what can this do?” curiosity keep our team on the cutting edge of all that technology has to offer and put our customers on a constant track to better.

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